In review of local, state, federal and Little League International Guidelines, Dickinson Little League Baseball, Inc. (“DLLB”) is implementing the following policies and procedures for returning to play in DLLB sanctioned events.


General Guidelines


•     Hand sanitation stations will be available in common areas and in each dugout.

•     ALL patrons are required to practice social distancing of 6ft or greater. If it is not possible to maintain 6ft or greater social distancing, it is highly recommended that face coverings are utilized for the safety of all.

•     Groups larger than 10 people, outside of immediate family members, will be asked to separate.

•     ANYONE who  has been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 shall self- quarantine for 14 days. This includes players, family members, or any other person or persons who would come in direct contact with another member, participant, or volunteer at DLLB.

•     Anyone considered high risk, or immune deficient should use best judgement for the safety of all players and family members. We ask that if you or your player fall into a CDC determined high risk category, you refrain from participation in or attendance to DLLB sanctioned events.


Player/Parent Guidelines


•     It is recommended that players wear Facemask while not in the field of play (including Dugout)

•     Consistent with the actions taken by many individuals across the state, all spectators should consider wearing cloth face coverings (over the nose and mouth). If available, spectators should consider wearing non-medical grade face masks.

•     DLLB strongly discourages players sharing equipment; however, we understand that sharing of some equipment is often unavoidable, therefore, disinfectant spray shall be in dugout for players that may share equipment. (Example: Bats, catcher’s gear)

•     Hand Sanitizing stations will be set up in each dugout, and in common areas around the park.

•     If wearing a mask, players may be within 6 ft inside the dugout. Players will be assigned specific areas in each dugout and shall remain in their assigned areas unless they are on the field of play or at bat.

•     Players shall be trained on proper cough/hygiene etiquette.

•     Parents SHALL conduct a self-check on their player and family members before arrival to game/practice.

•     DLLB shall provide enough baseballs to ensure that baseballs can be regularly switched out during play. ALL foul balls shall be given to the offensive coach who will make sure that baseball is properly sanitized prior to re-entry into the game.

•     Players will not shake hands before, during or after games.

•     Coaches may ask players to leave if any symptoms listed in the state’s guidelines are present.

•     It is offensive team’s responsibility to remove bats from field of play after each at bat.

•     Provide notice to all parents and guardians of the enhanced risks of participants being in direct contact with anyone age 65 or older for 14 days after participating in a sport event or practice.

•     Players, parents, and coaches will be continually reminded that player’s participation is strictly at will. No player will be reprimanded, scolded or otherwise should they not participate in any DLLB Event. This policy will be strictly enforced. Participants in DLLB Events will not be made to feel uncomfortable or feel they are being retaliated against for adhering to DLLB guidelines or having concern for their overall safety and well-being or those of others.

•    Prior to resumption of games on June 15th, parents will be encouraged to view their player’s

practice sessions from their car. We ask that parents not congregate or remain in the stands during practice times.


Coach’s Guidelines


•     Coaches WILL wear face coverings  OR practice STRICT hygiene practices when not able to socially distance from players.

•     Actively remind players of hygiene/sanitation.

•     Assist enforcement of guidelines in place to parents and players.

•     Ensure equipment is wiped down between uses.

•     Home Plate Meetings between Coaches and Umpires will be performed using appropriate social distancing, or avoided all together.

•    Coaches will commit to assisting DLLB volunteers and staff with adhering to DLLB guidelines, including, but not limited to; notifying DLLB volunteers or staff should disinfectant or hand sanitizer not be available in their respective dugouts during practice or games, should they not have enough volunteer assistance to maintain disinfecting protocols or social distancing


Umpire Guidelines

•     It is highly recommended that umpires use face coverings when practical.

•     Balls and Strikes should be called from behind the pitcher’s mound.  If an umpire chooses to call balls and strikes from behind the catcher, then a mask or other CDC approved face covering WILL BE used throughout the entirety of play.

•     Umpires will be provided sanitary wipes or sanitizing spray and shall clean all personal equipment before each game, and their hands between every half inning.

•     Umpires are required to self-check prior to participating in any DLLB sanctioned event.

•     Umpires WILL NOT, under any circumstances, be responsible for, or hold themselves out to be responsible for adherence to CDC nor DLLB safety guidelines, procedures, or protocols.

Should an umpire have a question or concern regarding the implementation or enforcement

of DLLB safety guidelines, procedures, or protocols, that umpire should immediately stop play and request the assistance of the DLLB Board Member on Duty.

Facilities Guidelines


•     Fields will be scheduled at times that will allow for adequate disinfection between practices and games.

•     ABSOLUTELY NO SPITTING, SUNFLOWER SEEDS, OR GUM will be allowed at DLLB Facilities.

•     DLLB Concessions will operate in a safe and health conscience manner, DLLB concessions will limit prepared foods and will have prepackaged options for players, participants and fans.

•     All common areas, dugouts, equipment and fields will be sanitized using a CDC approved disinfectant prior to, in between, and after all scheduled events.

•     Bathrooms will be limited to one person in each bathroom, and will be checked for cleanliness before during and after each event. Bathroom checks will be monitored and documented at regular intervals on each event day.






The virus that causes COVID-19 can infect people of all ages. While the risk of serious illness or loss of life is greatest in those 65 years of age or older with pre-existing health conditions, persons in every age group can become infected with COVID-19 and some may become seriously ill or even die.


We should all be thankful that, with rare exceptions, COVID-19 is not claiming the lives of our children. However, we can never forget that a child with a mild or even asymptomatic case of COVID-19 can spread that infection to others who may be far more vulnerable.


COVID-19 is spread from person to person through contact that is close enough to share droplets generated by coughing, sneezing, speaking, and even just breathing. COVID-19 can also be spread by touching objects where contaminated droplets have landed. Because of this easy manner of transmission, an infant, child or young person who is infected with COVID-19 can spread the infection to others they come in close contact with, such as members of their household, teachers, or other caregivers. We have learned that infected persons with mild or even no symptoms can spread COVID-19.


These facts are vitally important  when considering engaging in youth sporting activities.





I acknowledge having received the DLLB return to play guidelines and

IN CONSIDERATION OF my child/ward being allowed to Name of Minor Child/Ward participate in any way in the Dickinson Little League Baseball, Inc. related events and activities, the undersigned acknowledges, appreciates, and agrees that:


The risks of injury and illness (ex: communicable diseases such as MRSA, influenza, and COVID-19) to my child from the activities involved in these programs are significant, including the potential for permanent disability and death, and while particular rules, equipment, and personal discipline may reduce these risks, the risks of serious injury and illness do exist; and,




1. FOR MYSELF, SPOUSE, AND CHILD, I KNOWINGLY  AND FREELY ASSUME ALL SUCH RISKS, both known and unknown, EVEN IF ARISING FROM THE NEGLIGENCE OF THE RELEASES or others, and assume full responsibility for my child’s participation; and,


2. I willingly  agree to comply with the program’s stated and customary terms and conditions for participation. If I observe any unusual significant concern in my child’s readiness for participation and/or in the program itself, I will remove my child from the participation and bring such attention of the nearest official immediately; and,


3. I myself, my spouse, my child, and on behalf of my/our heirs, assigns, personal representatives  and next of kin, HEREBY RELEASE AND HOLD HARMLESS  Dickinson Little League Baseball, Inc.; its directors, officers, officials, agents, employees, volunteers, other participants, sponsoring agencies, sponsors, advertisers, and if applicable, owners and lessors of premises used to conduct the event (“Releasees”), WITH RESPECT TO ANY AND ALL INJURY, ILLNESS, DISABILITY, DEATH, or loss or damage to person or property incident to my child’s involvement or participation in these programs, WHETHER ARISING FROM THE NEGLIGENCE OF THE RELEASEES OR OTHERWISE, to the fullest extent permitted by law.


4. I, for myself, my spouse, my child, and on behalf of my/our heirs, assigns, personal representatives and next of kin, HEREBY INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS all the above Releasees from any and all liabilities incident to my involvement or participation in these programs, EVEN IF ARISING FROM THEIR NEGLIGENCE, to the fullest extent permitted by law.


5. I, the parent/guardian, assert that I have explained to my child/ward: the risks of the activity, his/her responsibilities for adhering to the rules and regulations, and that my child/ward understands this agreement.




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